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On the morning of 27th, the 5-day 24th Central China (Hunan) Agricultural Expo was opened in Changsha, and Samoa, Hunan's agricultural counterpart, was led by Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Mr. Laʻauli Leuatea Polataivao Fusi, to attend the exhibition.

On the afternoon of 28th, Minister Laʻauli and his party visited HNAC accompanied by Chen Keyun, Director of Hunan Agricultural Foreign Economic Cooperation Center, She Pengfu, President of the company, and Zhang Jicheng General Manager of the International Company, accompanied the reception and discussion.

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At the meeting, Mr. She Pengfu expressed his warm welcome to Minister La'auli and made a brief introduction of the overall development of the company. After that, Mr. Zhang jicheng introduced to Mr. La'auli the business composition and distribution of the company in the international market, especially in the South Pacific market. He said, at present, the company's products are spread over more than 70 countries in the world more than 10,000 plants, the company in Samoa to build two hydropower stations have been successfully put into operation, and in addition to the traditional hydropower station business, the company in the field of distributed multi-energy complementary has accumulated a wealth of experience in the construction of the project, and the Samoa such as the direction of the development of the энергетика тармагы of the island countries, looking forward to the future can be in the field of new energy to carry out a more in-depth level of cooperation..

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Minister La'auli expressed his gratitude to HNAC Technology for its warm reception. He said that Samoa is a country with abundant water resources and good conditions for hydropower development, and the commissioning of Lalomauga and Taleafaga hydropower stations constructed by HNAC Technology has effectively improved the power consumption of the local people, and he hoped to deepen the cooperative relationship with HNAC Technology and explore the opportunities for cooperation in the field of new energy, so as to help the Samoa's infrastructure construction and the energy industry to develop in a high-quality and sustainable manner.

Frendship between China and Samoa has been a long history and is everlasting,MInister La’auli‘s visit to HNAC is not only a testimony of the friendship between China and Samoa, but also an opportunity for HNAC to continue the friendship and cooperation with Samoa.

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